Finally Bali_Ubud_chapter #3

Hospitality, Kindness, Smiles, from everyone.

The impact with this town has been amazing, spirituality is the main character of this great place. Ubud is a beautiful place in the middle of green and if you are looking for culture, wonderful temples, relax, good restaurants and food, nice shops, spas for massages, this is the place.

Even if it’s not chaotic like Jakarta the situation on the road is pretty much the same but everyone is more peaceful and relaxed.

The island is an hinduism fortress and everyday people prepare devotional items for the gods, small buckets made with weaved palm leaves called canang sari. They are characterized by many different scented flowers, representing different divinities. Furthermore there are sigarettes, coins, cracker Ritz, wrapped candies, everything completed by incenses with a strong fragrance.

Here, as I disclosed, there are many temples and they are all fascinating with an incredible atmosphere and steep ways to reach them.

Speaking about sacred spiritual places, the Monkey Forest in Ubud is the main one, where the aim is to spread peace and harmony among visitors through the Tri Hita Karana (three ways to achieve physical and spiritual wellness). This sacred place is also a venue to preserve particular plants and to study monkeys’ social interaction.

Three temples, the main one is consecrated to the cult of Shiva “The Transformer”, and more than 700 monkeys divided in 5 groups.

The experience is amazing, monkeys are incredibly funny but you can’t smile otherwise they get angry, they are friendly in the beginning but then when they become familiar with the situation they let you now that they are the ones ruling the place. They jump on you trying to steal things but also just to be friendly and because they are curious, the important thing is to not overreact otherwise they become aggressive and the bite you.

Between temples, in Ubud it’s possibile to find many incredibly nice restaurants, bars and bistros along the main streets like Jl. Monkey Forest and Jl. Hanoman, with options that meet everyone’s taste, vegans, vegetarians, celiacs.

In three days I tried just few but delicious places like The Good Food Brotherhooh and Atman Nurish Cafe, but in every neighborhood it’s possible to find tasty typical food and basically you won’t never wrong because the atmosphere will be always amazing.

The only kind of whim that I allowed myself in this trip and probably during all my life was a night at the Hanging Gardens, an amazing resort in the middle of the jungle. I read about it a lot and I’ve been always curious and the typical thing that you can do once in your life time, definitely makes more sense than go to drink at the Harry’s bar or in St. Mark’s square in Venice. I’m not use to this kind of situations, so I won’t probably be able to describe it so..picture.

Finally, an aspect that surprised me a lot is about transportation. The public one is rare but taxi (the safe taxi service on line is offered by Blue Bird) and Uber in particular work pretty well and here comes the curiosity. Walking in Ubud the most frequently pronounced word is “taxi?”; many many locals sitting on the sidewalks asking to tourists for a ride. They are all abusive and as far as it seems they are a real threat for Uber drivers. It has never been so difficult to book Uber rides, as soon as you find your driver he immediately starts to call you to ask you where you are because in the center of Ubud allegedly there’s a lot of “taxi mafia” and they are scared to pick you up there. Otherwise they start texting you to raise the price of the app because “it’s to far” “I need to come back from there” ecc. By the way when you find the good one, the ride it’s crazy cheap. So “Go-Jek” should be the solution offering a wider choice of transportation options.

Now it’s time to leave this magic place for other few chill days in Gili Air (Gili Water).

Keep you updated



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