Goodbye Bali_Canggu_chapter #6

Being the first time on this side of the world, in this trip I decided to explore rather then stay for a long time in the same place. So I’ve never been in the same place for more than 3 nights, so despite of the short time and even if the accommodation was not that good, the atmosphere around here was perfect.

Canggu has few beaches but I decided to stay at Batu Bolong, good waves, good vibes, both locals and tourists particularly kind. Clearly Bali is the most occidentalize part of Indonesia (comparing with the other that I visited) and this aspect reflects itself in the quality of life in general.

Tide permitting the beach is nice, many beach loungers and several rental surf board places, everything with a temple in the background. After the beach, starting from 7pm, the place to be is the Old Mans Restaurant, a sort of restaurant/bar/club on the beach, mainly for tourists but also with locals.

Anyway all along Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong there ‘re many nice shops, barber shops, nice restaurants and fancy cafes. Actually Bali, at least in the central areas, doesn’t seem Indonesia, it’s definitely westernized and probably there’s also the influence of Australian owners concerning the interior design of bars and cafes. So great food, fresh smoothies, good coffee, amazing atmosphere.

Also here we found a great place for pizza, at “Pizza Fabbrica” products were definitely tasty and good, we tried also a fried panzerotto and it was simply perfect.

Also here forget Uber, Go-Jek and app concerning transportation. The best way to go around is to rent a scooter, cheapest and easiest solution also because if you walk around away from the central areas you risk to be killed by thousands motorbikes and cars. Anyway the areas far from the center are pretty fascinating.

So definitely when I’ll come back to Bali Canggu will be my favorite destination to stay because from here it’s easy to reach many other places with scooter or car, life is good, there’re a lot of nice people and most of all no chaos.

Now it’s sadly time to move to the last stop of this trip, on my way to Yogyakarta to see the temples.



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