Prambanan_Borobudur_chapter #8

Here we are to the real reason for being in Yogyakarta, two amazing temples, an hindu one and a buddhist one.

I don’t know how many people will read this post, anyway one thing above all, nobody has a reason to complain about the price of museum and churches tickets in Italy in particular, especially international tourists

Yes, the temples are truly amazing but the international ticket price is not justified compared to everything else in my country. 325.000rp (20€) are like 60€ in Europe and considering this, nobody won’t visit anything here.

By the way the price of a tour guide is super cheap (6€) and it’s definitely worth because it’s the best way to understand the the place (but not just in Indonesia obviously).

No polemic here, but it’s funny when people consider Doge’s Palace or the Vatican too expensive because they have to pay about 20€ for something that represents the maximum worldwide expression of art.

First stop Prambanan, the biggest hindu temple in Indonesia, the second in the world after Angkor Wat in Cambodia, built in 850 a.d., originally composed by 232 temples, now just a few because of two earthquakes (half of the 17th century and 2006) that destroyed a lot of them.

The main ones are of Shiva (the king Rakai Pikatan considered himself the reincarnation of Shiva), Brahma and Vishnu, and then others. It was super interesting to hear about history of the temple and about the low reliefs all around, but actually what impressed me more was to discover that to control, improve and get rid of our bad character is necessary to let work our 7 chakra, soooo… doing yoga and meditation.

I started immediately, hope to see good results in a while!

Second stop Borobudur, built in 800 a.d., the biggest buddhist temple in the world, with a squared base, 2672 low reliefs about Buddha and 504 statues representing him.

About this place it’s necessary to be careful with tourist informations in Yogyakarta. We booked the sunrise tour from the temple but nobody explained us (or we didn’t read carefully enough) that the sunrise was from a hill few km far from the temple with amazing lights, amazing view, but not from the temple that was a small spot far from us.

Anyway nice view and good vibes, then the timing at the temple was good as well and the tour with another competent guide too.

It’s impressive to see all these Buddha’s statues during the climb from the first level with the desire’s spirals, to nirvana where there’re the three circular terraces with many bells with Buddhas inside as well.

Once we arrived on the top it happened something super funny, like rock stars or famous actors we have been surrounded by kids with their phone and selfie stick asking for a picture with us, they were really nice and polite but so many many many that our guide needed to distance from us to finish the tour.

Anyway what happened was a sort of nice end of our trip that summarized our great experience in Indonesia through incredible places with amazing people.

Now it’s real, time to pack our stuff and reach the airport.



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