Back to reality_chapter #9

Every trip needs to come to an end, especially if it was a vacation, so it’s time for a small analysis, inevitable after one month abroad.

Every journey teaches something, a long one in particular, and this time the lesson was to bring less clothes (obviously) and maybe one lens more (but not necessarily).

Starting with a technical consideration, since this one is supposed to be a photography blog. I have to say that in my case less hasn’t been more because sometimes I’d have needed a lens for portrait, but anyway, moving often from one place to another I didn’t have so much time to change the lens when I needed to. On the other hand, more was more because I decided to bring my tripod, a light one (1,5kg), that I used just few times at Raja Ampat and in some cases I’d have achieved the same goals with some ingenious trick, but clearly not for the pictures of the starry sky.

So for this trip I brought my Canon 5D III, the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 and the tripod, since I travelled often and through three time zones with multiple weather and light situations I’d say that it was a correct choice, 24-70 never betrayed me and it’s awesome also for portraits.

However my iPhone 7 has been an incredibly useful tool thanks to its great camera, all the pictures that I posted on my blog have been taken with it and I’m incredibly pleased about them.

If I wasn’t a photographers but just a blogger I wouldn’t have needed anything else, not even a light mirrorless, I don’t need to pretend to be cool or hipster.

Now something about the trip.

Discovering Indonesia has been amazing and I’m so thankful to my friend Fedo that gave me the chance to join him on this trip, it was the sixth time for him here, so his help to discover, to explore, to find accommodations and to solve situations has been priceless. Now thanks to Fedo I’m in love with this country and I already decided to come back, able to manage myself and eager to enjoy again one of the most relaxing place in the world.

Clearly I wanna thank also my other two travel mates, Marialaura and Alice that with Fedo are three of my colleagues in my real life in Venice.

Obviously I will always remember the amazing places where I’ve been, Raja Ampat over all, an incredible paradise, Bali and its magic atmosphere, the temples in Java, but the most unforgettable memories of this trip will be for sure the incredible kindness of Indonesian people, their hospitality, their willingness to help in every situation, their generosity and honesty.

Knowing this people helped me to realize how lacking we are regarding tourism, all over Indonesia I found the opposite attitude towards tourist than we have where I live. I’ve been treated like an holy creature during my stay, everywhere, in Venice instead, more than sometimes, tourists are considered like intruders that need to be ripped off to earn as more money as possible.

Once we’ll learn something from these countries, way more poor than our, outcomes will be amazing and our image will be definitely rehabilitate especially after the sad facts happened in the last months that has been around the world and immediately on every international newspaper.

Obviously I wanna thank everybody that followed my blog and had the patience not only to read but just to click on every link to take a look to the pictures. From know on I’ll remember a bit of my trip through the other pictures I took that I’m editing and that I hope you’ll like.

So now it’s time to go back to the real world, working and saving for the next adventure.



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