Yes, it’s a monster and it’s not the only one

ph Riccardo Tosetto

Clearly if you decide to live in Venice you need also to deal with the fact that there are tourists, they will always be there. Without them the city dies.

There’s no point in the useless daily complain of local Venetians that dream about an empty Venice because it won’t never be like this.

There’s a point instead in asking for rules and regulations to preserve an ancient, delicate, precious, priceless environment. The example should be Iceland with its about 300.000 residents and 2,3 millions visitors (2017). The government started to raise the prices, to preserve a particular context and to allow to visit the country just to the ones that are really interested in.

In Venice happens the opposite, 53.000 residents and 30 millions visitors every year, everyday in Venice there are more tourists than locals, in a city that is smaller than a neighborhood of London.

Why? bad government and bad residents that think they can to whatever they want just because they are Venetians but they’re more than often worse than the tourists.

Savage Airbnb, number of the cruises increased, locals that sell their places to Chinese people for a lot of money (but then they are the ones complaining because there are too many Chinese, but complain with the pockets full of money is way easier).

The result is the almost complete loss of authenticity and tradition in the most beautiful city in the world and the daily damage of an amazing palace.

Why? Because too many cruises create an invasion, Airbnb and new hostels create an invasion making affordable to everyone to visit Venice, selling places creates an invasion making affordable to everyone to stay in Venice trying to spend always less and less. Invasion means damages to a delicate city that was born 1597 years ago, invasion means a lot of garbage, invasion means that nobody can really enjoy Venice.

This is simply crazy because in other cities like London, Paris, New York it’s necessary to pay even for the air that you breathe, Venice instead became one of the cheapest city in the world (if you think the opposite you should reconsider your ability as a tourist) and it should be the opposite.

It would be possible to speak about this for hours but no. The only thing that i’d like to say is to respect this place, walk on the right, don’t jump in the water, remember that there’s a real life going on and this is not a luna park, come to Venice if you can afford it and if you can support the local traditions and economy and please, be better than the locals, so don’t always scream and don’t soil everywhere but also respect them and their activities.

Listen to Lorenzo Quinn with one of the most significative art pieces for Venice

ph Riccardo Tosetto

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