Great approach, amazing tour!

One of the best goals in life is when you’re able to turn your passion and hobby into a job, but it’s even better when you meet amazing people as your clients.

About two weeks ago I was leading a tour in Venice and I had the pleasure to meet these two great guys, Jennifer and Jule from LA.

all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto

I immediately noticed that they were particularly interested about what I was saying, curious about Venice, its stories and beautiful spot and they also perfectly got my message about sustainable tourism in a unique city like this. After the tour I went home and couple of hours later Jen wrote me an email asking information about a Venice Photo Tour with me. I was so happy about it and the day after a met them again.

Jennifer is a freelance writer &a social media manager, Jule works as video assistant and we found many mutual interests, so the tour has been great. I love to explain technical things about photography and cameras to my clients and realize that they improve their skills in the end of the tour, and I love to bring them off the beaten track to show them places that they wouldn’t have found otherwise, and doing it with clients like them is like to do it with your friends!

The thing that impressed me more was how they approached Venice, maybe it was because of Jen’s italian roots, but they have been two of the best tourists that I have met. They showed a great respect about the beauty of this delicate city, that is rare to find nowadays (not even in the locals), a genuine interest about history, local traditions and set of problems that affect the city, and they truly liked the spots and glimpses that I let them discover during the Venice Photo Tour.

In the end i’m doubly happy because Jennifer wrote about me and Shooting Different in her blog writing also about how visiting a city with the help of a local makes the difference. So don’t miss her article if you want to know a useful and positive way to visit Venice!

What are you waiting for? Do like Jen & Jule, visit the website, contact me and book your favorite Shooting Different – Venice Photo Tour!

Thank you again guys!



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