Holidays in Venice? Inform yourself first

Yes, St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) probably the most amazing in the world, the favorite place among Venetians and where their attitude is perfectly fared, the soul of Venice, and sometimes the nightmare of many tourists of every nationality. Not for you of course, if you keep reading!

Touring Different
all photos by Riccardo Tosetto

Sometimes it happens that some indignant tourists complain about the crazy prices that they are “forced” to pay in this amazing place.  The fact is that if they have those prices it means that people sit down to spend their money, and if those bar are always crowded it means that people are willing to spend 10€ for a coffee, so probably they could ask even more. In Venice there’re many tourist’s traps, but I can promise that St’ Mark’s Square is not on the list, they are honest, definitely expensive but honest. The prices are all visible on a menu so you know first what you are going to spend, then it’s up to you, also because a cocktail have the same price that you can find in a nice hotel or at Harry’s Bar, but with a beautiful view.

So folk, remember, it’s always important to know something about the place that you are going to visit, this city particularly, it’s on the water, it’s unique, it’s crazy! Remember, Venice is a super touristic city and it’s obviously government’ s fault, but you can do something to enjoy this amazing place, be informed before to arrive, try to know something about the local life to try to get the most from your experience. Venice is not just St. Mark’s Square and despite so many tourist attractions, it could be an awesome city if you try to approach its authenticity, its local life. Among many tourist’s traps there a lot of wonderful, cute and welcoming bars, restaurants, osterias, bacaros where you can enjoy life with Venetians! What’s better that discover them for an unforgettable holiday?!

Are you lazy but do you want anyway to discover how to manage your holiday once in Venice? Curious about how locals live in Venice and you also want to know some of them for real? Would you like to know tips and suggestions useful to avoid tourists traps and fall in love with the authenticity of this city incredibly full of history and traditions, while saving money and knowing how not to waste them?

So if you are eager to drink a really good Spritz or a cocktail in a beautiful hidden and off the beaten track place saving a lot of money and you wanna spend your time in Venice intelligently,  visit the website and book your favorite Touring Different -Venice Tours to discover the secrets that will allow you to enjoy the perfect holiday.

Do you like also photography? Great, at the end of the trip your wallet will be full of money and your memory card flood with the best memories of your trip, choose your favorite Shooting Different – Venice Photo Tour and come to discover the real Venice with me.





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