Shooting during a gondola ride? Why not

There is nothing in Venice that attracts tourists more than the most famous tour in town, the Gondola ride. Yes sure, it’s touristy and expensive but it’s that thing that you do once in a life time and one of the few traditional activities left in Venice, so why not? The choice is wide, 433 are the gondoliers registered with official license in the city of Venice, but the prices are just two for the regular tours, the day and the night one, that last 30 or 35 minutes. I now it’s not a long ride, but enjoying the city from that perspective is something unique, so even if just for 30 minutes relaxing on a gondola it’s pretty cool.

Being special, people choose the gondola ride for different purposes, chilling, drinking on a romantic boat, making cool pictures or videos that will appear on they instagram accounts, doing it because they think that it’s a must do, or for a marriage proposal, like Mark did! When I met this super nice an kind guy, that asked me to take some pictures of him and his girlfriend on a gondola, he was pretty nervous and I didn’t understand why. Then he told me that he wanted to propose to Christine and I realized the big responsibility that he gave me, so I didn’t hesitate to give him the best option.

A legend , that also inspired the movie “A little romance“, says that if  the two lovers kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs as the bells of St Mark’s Campanile ring out, the lovers will be given eternal love and happiness. Mark was pretty exited about it and we reached St.Mark’s square right on time, the only place where you can start a gondola ride that goes under the Bridge of Sighs. Good manners are definitely not a prerogative of all the gondoliers (and I realized it also towards the end of the tour), in fact they let us wait without a real reason for a while, but who cares, Mark had something important to do, and he did..

Venice Photo Tours
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph

..and most of all she said YES! Looking at them I realized how real happiness could be

Venice Photo Tours

Venice Photo Tours

Nevertheless choosing the good gondola ride could be tricky, it’s not just about jumping on a typical black boat, it’s important to choose the area, the good gondolier, the best spots and moments, obviously tourist’s traps concern also this topic. So if you want to get the most from your venetian holiday visit the website and book your favorite Venice Tour and discover also the secrets and tips useful to choose the best gondola ride! If you want your best memories from the most magical city in the world contact me for your Venice Private Photo Shooting Tour and keep them with you forever!


Thank you Mark and Chris, best wishes for your life!





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