Surf & Sunsets, missing happiness

As a photographer, the first rule that I  learnt is that professionally speaking you should never show up your pictures of sunsets, because they are one of the most photographed and overrated subject ever, it means a lack of originality because obviously everybody can take that picture without been creative or talented. It doesn’t mean that as photographer you can’t take a picture of a sunset fortunately, but that it’s better if you keep those pictures inside your computer, as great memories of your holiday experiences.

This time I didn’t resist, this time was different, this holiday has been too intense under many aspects, being there after a surf session looking to other people enjoying the waves with that light was too much.. it was simply stunning and while I was taking this picture. I felt different and so much involved, I was not just taking pictures of a sunset.



I was there sitting on the beach in Batu Bolong, with my camera but without someone, my mind was in two different places at the same time, being grateful for the chance that I had to surf in that paradise but missing someone important that should have been there, so I fulfilled that emptiness with these pictures through those strong feelings that were overwhelming me.

Those sunsets where amazing in any case, like in Seseh beach, a super quiet place where there are just fishermen during the day and someone chilling in the late afternoon, or Pererenan, an amazing beach that became pretty touristy but that preserve a particular allure,  both great for a peaceful walk, useful for meditation, to calm down, to get your mind lost and free to travel  somewhere else, to reduce distances and to find you interior peace and happiness.


So  you get tanked of all those good vibes, ready to go home, full of energy and relaxed like never before, looking forward to go back to reality with all the positivity possible, counting days to get rid of that emptiness, but it could also happen that shit is waiting for you, because we all know that shit happens, right? And now? Now the only thing to do is shock therapy; sit down, download the pictures, watch them, choose them, edit them, realizing that new strong feelings are helping to achieve great results, aware that sadness can’t last forever and everything can be fixed with patience.


This the moment when you realize that after being through all this, you deserve to show your sunset pictures, to share emotions that are to strong to be stacked inside an hard drive.




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