About me

My name is Riccardo, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Preservation of Heritage and I have been living in Venice for years and developed a great understanding for the city. From the hidden locations, the amazing perspectives, and the strikingly beautiful areas unknown to tourists along with anything else that a visitor wouldn’t be able to find by themselves in a city like this.
I’m a landscape, urban and portrait photographer with a degree in art history. I enjoy walking around and getting lost in the beauty of a place to get in tune with it in order to catch its true allure.

I’m also an official tour guide and doing this job is the best way to demonstrate how I love my city and to show it to other people. To help people to behave like a local is the best way to have a good impact on its delicacy and lightness.

Being in love with this city is what makes the difference from simply being an expert of it, know its soul is the only way to get “her” essence, and what I want is just to help everyone to achieve this magic connection.

This attitude must be the same even when I travel, because discover the authenticity of every place is the best way to come back with great pictures, stories to tell, amazing new friends and a lot of new priceless experiences that make you a better and wiser person.


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